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The Painter Margaret Kelley

by Dr. Bernd Küster,  Direktor der Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel (MHK)

Margaret Kelley´s body of work presents an important and convincing art which reflects precisely in its state of abstraction the aberrations of contemporary human life. With great confidence and sovereignty she has devoted herself to this theme, painting colossal paintings up to 240 feet of length experimenting with formats and techniques to state her position ever more precisely. This gigantic epos of forms and colors follows no fashion, has no precursors, is entirely original and has nothing to do with any kind of artistic cliché. Her work is instructive with quiet reserve, born from an invisible power but of an enormous steadiness and intensity of life. In a tremendous exertion of physical strength she has proved over and over again the gravity of her position. Her paintings are complicated, because the situations of life are, because emotions do not tolerate as a model a clear line of direction or monochromatic color schemes. Margaret Kelley offers no philosophy of life; she is not one who communicates in order to force an opinion. She is shy like someone who is hiding a wound. And yet she feels and participates all the more intensely and is without any trace of artifice, because she has come face to face with the deepest depths. The balance of a life which has no reference to a constant truth and which recognizes equilibrium only in the relativity of its standpoints is extremely precarious. The movement between highs and lows, between harmony and crises has created a serious painter who invests herself totally. Her work is without incompleteness or concessions. Each of her paintings reveal the large dimensions of a soul that carefully singles out the concerns of human existence in contemporary situations and raises them to a visual form; above all, the search for truth which is born only out of the contradictions of life. The sovereignty with the handling of painting resources and the great balance between the formal aesthetic and colorful passages in her work from the smallest format up to the most colossal make her work ultimately important and to truly great art.

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Margaret Kelley
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